Our Promise

Parent Footprint was founded by two passionate parents with completely different background and expertise, Dr. Dan Peters, psychologist, and Payman Fazly technologists, to build a solution to better understand why parenting is so difficult with a common vision to create a compassionate world with more loving people, one parent and one child at a time.

Parent Footprint was formed based on a shared moral responsibility to harness the power of psychology and technology to advance human potentials for experiencing love and compassion by helping parents to become more aware, so they can choose the footprints they want to pass on to the next generation.

Parenting behaviors and actions define the footprints that we leave on our children. Each Parent Footprint is as unique as our fingerprints, yet we can become aware by observing how they manifest themselves in the way we respond to our children. The single most important predictor of how we parent is how we were parented as a child. None of us are born with all the skills necessary to become a parent, and our parents were just people who were parenting based on their parenting and their situation. It is critical to understand the footprint our parents left on us in order to become aware of the footprints we are leaving on our children.


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Parent Footprint innovative platform delivers personalized content, designed to simulate the experience of sitting down with Dr. Dan to explore our own parenting beliefs and to create a successful vision of parenting. At Parent Footprint, we have leveraged the power of psychology with proven methodologies that successful Silicon Valley technology companies use to strategically move from out current state of parenting and to systematically turn our dreams of raising healthy and happy children into reality. Having a strong vision successful parenting based on the future that we all want for our children will give us not only the passion but also the stamina to go develop strategies and gain the required knowledge to get there.