Our Values

Parent Footprint’s guiding principle is that raising healthy children starts with a parent’s self examination of their experiences and beliefs that influence their parenting, and that helping children reach their potential begins with a parent aspiration to reach their own. A child’s happiness and joy starts with parents understanding of themselves. When we know who we are, we can help our children understand who they are and these concepts are the foundation of Parent Footprint’s Core Values:

  • Acceptance – We need to accept who we are now in order to reach our potential. By accepting ourselves, we are better able to accept our children for who they are. Growth starts with acceptance.
  • Compassion – We must be compassionate towards ourselves first, before we can be compassionate with our children. Compassion allows for understanding of oneself and others. With compassion comes the opportunity for acceptance and growth.
  • Love – Love is the essential ingredient for acceptance and compassion. We must be able to love ourselves if we are to show love to our children. By being able to receive and show love, our children learn to receive and show love. Children must feel loved to have the opportunity to love themselves.
  • Respect – We must show respect for our children as individual human beings for them to show respect to others. Respect allows our children to be open to parental guidance rather than resist and defending against feeling devalued.

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Innovative Platform

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Parent Footprint innovative platform delivers personalized content, designed to simulate the experience of sitting down with Dr. Dan to explore our own parenting beliefs and to create a successful vision of parenting. At Parent Footprint, we have leveraged the power of psychology with proven methodologies that successful Silicon Valley technology companies use to strategically move from out current state of parenting and to systematically turn our dreams of raising healthy and happy children into reality. Having a strong vision successful parenting based on the future that we all want for our children will give us not only the passion but also the stamina to go develop strategies and gain the required knowledge to get there.