Your parents did the best they could.
Here is your chance to do better.
The best gift you can give your children is the power of your increased awareness.
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About Dr. Dan

Dr. Dan is a licensed psychologist, author, and parenting expert. He is Co-founder of the online parenting community Parent Footprint and host of the “Parent Footprint Podcast."  Dr. Dan is a regular contributor to Psychology Today and The Huffington Post, a frequent media guest, and a respected speaker at national conferences on topics including parenting, learning differences, and education. For more information about Dr. Dan visit:
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Parent Footprint Awareness Training®

I cannot give enough praise for the "Parent Footprint" program! I felt as though Dr. Dan was right there with me, guiding me through the process. Parent Footprint Awareness Training® is helping me to use my own childhood experiences to be a better parent today.

-- Melodie S

Parent Footprint Awareness Training® is a provocative and useful tool to both examine how your past plays out in the present and to set forth a purposeful plan to leave a parenting legacy you will be proud of.

-- Debbie B