Good Schooling with Alison Morrow

Episode 63 Alison Morrow


Dr. Dan welcomes Alison Morrow to today’s show to discuss homeschooling and her work as a  homeschool coach and founder of Goodschooling.net.  Alison Morrow is a former classroom teacher and veteran homeschool mom of two. Alison and her husband Dan created Good Schooling to provide resources designed to empower, equip, and encourage those wanting to homeschool.  

Alison’s one-of-a-kind program gives parents important information about the homeschooling choice and also helps families transition to homeschooling.  Alison explains to Dr. Dan that our own educational experiences as children influence the choices we make for our own children’s educations, and discusses how homeschooling can help parents to create a better parenting footprint by increasing and deepening their connection with their children.  

Alison’s interview reveals that what matters for all children is “Good Schooling” — and the path to that is one parents can choose and shape and customize for their child.

For many families the conventional school system isn’t the best fit for them. In Episode 63, Dr. Dan discusses many important topics with Alison including:

  • The myths of homeschooling – what is it and how does it work?
  • Why do families choose homeschooling?
  • How can homeschooling help children begin to form their own healthy self-concept?
  • Can homeschooled children be healthily socialized?
  • Can homeschooled children get into college (and be eligible for academic or athletic scholarships)?
  • Aren’t most homeschoolers conservative Christians? What if parents aren’t religious?
  • If a child is a different learner – can he or she still homeschooled?
  • How does homeschooling address conventional learning?
  • What are some examples of unconventional and creative learning children can experience as a result of homeschooling?

Dr. Dan wraps up today’s interview with the Parent Footprint question.  Alison’s heartfelt answer will lead listeners to reflect on their own parenting journey.

For more information about Alison and GoodSchooling, visit https://goodschooling.net/about-goodschooling/.


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