Part 2 Answers

You are now more aware of the footprints given to you by your parents and can now be more intentional about the footprints that you want to leave on your children, that is aligned with your vision of successful parenting.

Below you will find your responses to the questions as well as your goals for moving into action. You can refer to your answers on this page at any time when you want to be reminded of your insights and your vision of successful parenting.

As you continue to grow and work on becoming a more aware parent you will likely find that your answers, reflections, and insights change.   As they do, you can choose different answers to the questions to receive new individualized videos, and update your goals to continue to evolve your vision of successful parenting.

What is the ONE connection you were able to make about how the footprints of your parents show up in your own parenting?

What is the ONE goal based on your new vision of successful parenting that you would like to be reminded of, to help you make your daily parenting choices?

What is the ONE thing that you can commit to doing for yourself to become the adult that you want your child to become?

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