The Trying Game with Amy Klein – Episode #86

The Trying Game with Amy Klein - Episode #86


Just in time for Mother’s Day and recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Dan interviews health journalist and author Amy Klein about her new book THE TRYING GAME: Get Through Fertility Treatment and Get Pregnant Without Losing Your Mind.

Amy Klein wrote the “Fertility Diary” column for The New York Times’s Motherlode blog for three years. Her former NYTimes editor KJ Dell’Antonia recently wrote, “Amy Klein’s writing on fertility is candid, warm, and honest. She pulls no punches, and the result isn’t just informative—it’s empowering. If you’re struggling to create the family you imagined, Amy’s is the voice you want in your head, and your heart.” 

Today, Amy writes frequently about health and fertility for publications such as Newsweek, Slate, The Washington Post, and other national media.

When Amy Klein wrote THE TRYING GAME, she never dreamed it would be published during a pandemic.  Now more than ever, Amy’s personal story as well as her advice about struggling with infertility and the challenges of treatment will hopefully change the conversation about infertility in 2020 and move it forward.

Today’s episode opens with Amy sharing how she finally became a mother after nine rounds of IVF, four miscarriages, three acupuncturists, two rabbis and one reproductive immunologist. Amy wrote THE TRYING GAME because it is the book she wishes she’d had when she was trying (and trying and trying) to get and stay pregnant.

Every year “National Infertility Awareness Week” shines a light on the many individuals and couples struggling with infertility.  As Amy’s book reveals every single story is emotional, even harrowing.  During today’s episode, Dr. Dan and Amy Klein discuss relevant topics and explore key chapters from THE TRYING GAME including:

  • Why young women need to take control of their fertility early
  • How do I deal with Mother’s Day envy?
  • Baby jealousy – it’s a real thing online and in real life
  • How to talk to other people with infertility
  • Keeping your marriage intact during infertility
  • The importance of accepting your all of feelings – this is hard
  • What motherhood is like after infertility and miscarriage

Amy shares a very honest and personal Parent Footprint Moment at the end of the show about being a daughter and a mother.  It will inspire listeners today and on Mother’s Day.

Empowering, compassionate, and down-to-earth, The Trying Game: Get Through Fertility Treatment and Get Pregnant Without Losing Your Mind shows you what to expect when you’re not expecting with heart, humor, and humanity when you need it the most. 

For more information about Amy Klein and her book visit:  http://thetryinggamebook.com/

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