Family Finance with Benny Nachman – Episode #107

Family Finance with Benny Nachman - Episode #107


Dr. Dan speaks to Benjamin “Benny” Nachman, entrepreneur, Dad and cofounder of Jassby, a mobile wallet for families. In this new episode, Dr. Dan and Benny discuss how to raise money-smart kids.

Jassby is a free iOS app for both parents and kids to share real money digitally. Parents can manage chores, pay allowances, and send money to their kids when they need it. Children can spend their allowance and learn in real time.

As the CEO of Jassby, Benjamin Nachman has always been a strong advocate for hands-on learning when it comes to his own kids’ money management skills. When he faced the early years of giving his own children an allowance, he was inspired to start Jassby.  

In this episode, Benny discusses topics with Dr. Dan including

  • Finance/personal finance is not taught in schools so when and how should parents start talking to kids about money?
  • Raising financially confident kids by training them to handle money and make spending decisions on their own.
  • Today, our child’s banking future is cashless, how can we train them to be ready for digital banking?
  • Why concepts of saving, giving back, budgeting are the essential three keys parents must teach their kids because these are life skills

Listeners will all learn from Benny’s very honest Parent Footprint Moment.

For more information about Benny and Jassby visit https://jassby.com/.

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