How Kids (and Adults) Can Positively Change the World with Brian Ondrako – Episode #98

How Kids (and Adults) Can Positively Change the World with Brian Ondrako - Episode #98

Dr. Dan welcomes author, podcast host, former golf expert, and entrepreneur Brian Ondrako to the podcast today.   Brian’s passion is teaching kids about entrepreneurship and self-discovery while making the world a better place. Brian also hosts the Just Get Started Podcast (Just Get Started Podcast) where he interviews entrepreneurs and founders and other influencers about their journey toward fulfillment and the lessons they learned along the way.

After graduating from Methodist University with a degree in Business Administration, Brian became a member of the PGA of America and embarked on a journey of teaching golf, forming Ondrako Golf Instruction, and starting a coaching business in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Over the years he worked with players of all skill levels and ages and soon realized he wanted to impact the world in a different way.  Brian’s self-discovery journey (which he calls his “Renaissance Period”) brought him to his current work as an author and podcast host.

Today Dr. Dan and Brian discuss self-discovery, overcoming fears, and how parents can choose how they want to parent.  Brian’s first children’s book “Luke’s 1st Round of Golf” is a moving story about his son and draws upon his experience as a Dad parenting a child with ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder. Then, later in the show, Brian shares an honest and inspiring Parent Footprint Moment about his son.

Brian’s “North Star” for his Just Get Started Podcast is to impact future generations by helping them navigate life through the lens of curiosity, gratitude, and healthy living.  Today’s Parent Footprint podcast episode is a great lesson about how one individual can have a big impact on many.

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