Bringing Mindfulness to your Marriage with Megan Eierman

Bringing Mindfulness to your Marriage with Megan Eierman

Today Dr. Dan interviews family and marriage therapist Megan Eierman.  A skilled and gifted therapist, Megan specializes in all aspects of communication and talks to Dr. Dan about what is essential to a positive and healthy relationship — and how modeling solid and meaningful relationships can help parents raise happy and healthy kids.  Listeners will instantly connect with Megan’s warm, engaged and interactive approach and will take away important advice from Dr. Dan’s discussion with her about power struggles, awareness, emotions, change, trust, balance, intention, and reflection and how they all ultimately relate to ‘positive’ parenting.

Megan’s Parent Footprint moment comes from a place of gratitude and is about connecting daily (really it’s not so hard to do when you take her advice about cell phones!).

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