Warrior Parent Coaching with Cass and Len Arcuri

Warrior Parent Coaching with Cass and Len Arcuri


Episode 72

Dr. Dan welcomes Cass and Len Arcuri, the founders of Warrior Parent Coaching to the Parent Footprint podcast. Today’s two guests teach listeners how all parents can transform into “Warrior Parents” as a way to help their child.  

Cass Arcuri spent her career in marketing, sales, creative development and business development. When her son got sick she took a three year sabbatical so that she could focus on healing. Cass understands the body’s innate power to heal. She has put in over 15,000 hours in the kitchen — creating recipes to accommodate allergies and special diets. Cass is a certified Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Len Arcuri’s professional background and expertise is in process improvement. Len loves to help clients achieve their goals, realize their potential and upgrade their body, mind and life. He’s a Six Sigma Master Blackbelt and a certified Bulletproof Human Potential Institute Coach. His coaching combines proven productivity tools and biohacking to get results faster with greater ease.

Dr. Dan interviews Cass and Len about their life-changing journey which started when their son received an autism diagnosis at a young age.  

During today’s show, Cass and Len share intimate details about their personal experiences with autism, diet modification, and environmental toxins.  

The Warrior Parent Coaching program grew out of Cass and Len’s roles as “Mom and Dad” and today is a thriving personal coaching program for many parents.  Episode 72 covers:   

  1. What is Warrior Parent Coaching?  How did Cass and Len start their organization? 
  2. The role of Empowerment and Mindset as part of the transformation to “Warrior Parent.”
  3. Warrior Parent Coaching is a support program that is whole child based and includes nutrition. Cass and Len tell us about their own experience with diet and nutrition.
  4. How Cass and Len’s son is doing today.   
  5. And much more including listening to your intuition, asking for help, striving for a strong relationship as parents, and envisioning your child’s dreams (wishes do come true!). 
  1. Cass and Len’s two eye-opening Parent Footprint moments.

 For more information about Warrior Parent Coaching and Cass and Len visit  https://warriorparentcoaching.com/.

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