Words of Wisdom from a Former Bad Mother with Cecile David Weil – Episode #96

Words of Wisdom from a Former Bad Mother with Cecile David Weil - Episode #96


Dr. Dan welcomes Cécile David-Weill, French American author and parent, to Episode 96 to discuss her new book Parents Under the Influence: Words of Wisdom from a Former Bad Mother.  In her book (part memoir and part guide), Cécile David-Weill draws on her own parenting mistakes and successes as well as case studies and works of fiction to guide readers to become more effective, nurturing parents.

This unique book offers both insight and remedy to those parents who are unknowingly under the influence of their own childhood experiences, and unwittingly repeating their parents’ mistakes while believing they are doing the right thing. 

Dr. Dan and Cecile discuss many topics and thankfully for all listeners dispute the perfect parent myth.

Dr. Dan and Cecile talk about parenting advice including:

  •   How to talk through your own childhood and identify sources of trauma
  •   How to spend time with your children in a way that’s enjoyable – and benefits everyone
  •   The importance of getting rid of all preconceived notions of who your child will become
  •   The importance of the silent relationship between mother and children
  •   Why, despite the common thought, worrying is not a form of love
  •   Why parents should be real and authentic (hint: children know when we are faking it)
  •   and more

Cécile’s entire book informs her Parent Footprint moment. She shares a story about music and her son — listeners will never forget it!

Cécile David-Weill is French and American. She published her first novel, Béguin, under the name of Cécile de la Baume. The Suitors, her third novel, was published by Other Press in 2013. David-Weill is a regular contributor to the online French news magazine Le Point, with a column entitled “Letters from New York.” She was born in New York, where she currently lives.

For more information visit:   https://www.ceciledavid-weill.com/

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