Clutter-free Parenting with Laura Carlin

Clutter-free Parenting with Laura Carlin

Episode 58 Laura Carlin  

Dr. Dan is very excited to welcome Laura Carlin to the Parent Footprint podcast today. Laura is the author of the new book CLUTTER-FREE PARENTING: MAKING SPACE IN YOUR HOME FOR THE MAGIC OF CHILDHOOD AND THE JOY OF PARENTHOOD and she inspired parents and families everywhere.

Laura Carlin talks to Dr. Dan about the role that clearing clutter can play in parenting and in our children’s lives.  Laura explains her own childhood love of clutter-clearing and how clearing clutter can help raise confident, compassionate children who have the space to discover their passions, learn, grow, and have fun — undistracted by an endless stream of “things” they don’t need and really don’t want.

Today’s show will help parents get a jumpstart on spring cleaning while also bringing more love and joy into their homes right now.  Laura tells Dr. Dan to start by asking “Is your home working for you or against you?” and this starting point will easily guide families.  Laura shares a great lesson about how her own sister (and co-author of the book) cleared her tupperware drawer and it instantly increased her daily joy and her ability to be present.   The Clutter-Free parenting method teaches moms and dads everywhere how to:

  • Regain time and energy in their day
  • Create a home filled only with things they love or use
  • Inspire children to be collaborators in a clutter-free home
  • Prevent clutter from accumulating in the first place
  • Use clutter-clearing to be more mindful and present

Laura’s advice is truly life-changing: if you own anything that is not loved or not useful then it should not be in your home! And how you clear clutter is as important as what you clear!  Dr. Dan encourages listeners to start decluttering today to achieve immediate clarity and peace.  

The interview ends with Laura’s Parent Footprint Moment about authenticity and it is a great example of how everything starts with parents.

Author Laura Carlin is a Simplicity Parenting coach and has inspired hundreds of people to transform their homes and lives through her workshops and lifestyle brand, InspiredEverydayLiving.com.  Laura received a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, and her Bachelor of Science in Communications from Northwestern University. She also graduated from the Western School of Feng Shui ™ and lives with her husband and two sons.  

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