Moving Beyond Your Child’s Diagnosis with Debbie Reber – Episode #88

Moving Beyond Your Child’s Diagnosis with Debbie Reber - Episode #88


Dr. Dan welcomes back his colleague and friend Debbie Reber, founder of TILT Parenting and host of the TILT Parenting Podcast (which just hit two million downloads!).  Debbie created TILT to support parents raising “differently-wired” kids and her work has shifted the conversation around how neurodiversity is perceived and experienced in the world.  She emphasizes parenting with joy and acceptance for all children.  Her book Differently Wired was recently released in paperback.

Today Dr. Dan and Debbie talk about their own intimate and personal stories about raising their differently wired kids. The episode includes advice about navigating the stages of a diagnosis from a “fix it stage” mindset to frustration and fear and finally to reframing and acting — and ultimately shifting to what will work for your individual child.

Debbie explains why her favorite quote (“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”) can successfully lead parents and families to a successful future.  This episode is one parents will return to again and again.

The enlightening interview ends with Debbie’s Parent Footprint moment about ange, which will resonate with many listeners.

Debbie Reber is the New York Times bestselling author of Differently Wired, podcast host, life coach, and speaker.  Before creating Tilt, she spent over ten years writing inspiring books for women and teens and speaking about issues including media literacy, self-esteem, and confidence.  In 2016 when she founded TiLT Parenting, a website, top parenting podcast, and social media community for parents like her who are raising differently-wired children.  Debbie Reber lives with her son and husband in the Netherlands. For more information visit  www.tiltparenting.com.  

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