Proactive Parenting with Dr. Heather Maguire – Episode #79

Proactive Parenting with Dr. Heather Maguire - Episode #79


Dr. Dan welcomes guest Dr. Heather Maguire, founder Prism Parenting, to podcast episode #79 for a discussion about Proactive Parenting.  Dr. Heather Maguire has spent over a decade studying behavior and working with children, parents, families, and educators. As the founder of Prism Behavior, she helps parents manage challenging behaviors with confidence and provides hope for parents everywhere.

Dr. Maguire started Prism Behavior (www.prismbehavior.com) to help parents struggling with their child’s behavior and her approach is pragmatic, yet evidence-based.  She loves to teach parents ways to motivate their kiddos. In addition she connects with parents on her new, popular parenting podcast also called Prism Parenting (www.prismbehavior.com/podcast).

Dr. Dan and Dr. Maguire discuss practical ways (some are very simple changes) to shift from a reactive parenting approach to a proactive one.  Parents face many diverse issues such defiance, how to motivate your child, picky eating, sleep issues, homework, and more. Today’s show offers solutions and an acknowledgement that parenting can be tough, especially when your kids are misbehaving or acting out or facing challenges, but parents can make positive changes.  

A few preventative parenting techniques Dr. Dan and Dr. Maguire discuss today include:

  1.  Catch your kids being good (and praise them for it).
  2.  Listen to your children and teach them to negotiate respectfully but still set limits.
  3.  Re-adjust your own parenting behaviors with your kids  – be flexible! (Is what you are doing working for your child? What works today may not work tomorrow so think about how to make a change that works for all of you.)
  4.  Engage with your children.
  5. And other tips!  (As a listener bonus,  Dr. Maguire generously offers her free resource on proactive parenting: https://www.prismbehavior.com/freeguide.)

Dr. Heather Maguire’s interview with Dr. Dan ends with a dramatic and eye-opening Parent Footprint Moment.

Dr. Heather Maguire holds a doctorate in educational psychology, and she is a credentialed school psychologist, with over tens years experience working with parents and educators. She is also the proud mama of two kids.

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