Surviving and Thriving with Dyslexia Advocate Don Winn

Surviving and Thriving with Dyslexia Advocate Don Winn

Episode 67 Don Winn 


Dr. Dan welcomes dyslexia advocate and author Don Winn to Episode 67. Don has struggled with dyslexia for his entire life and also deals with dysgraphia (trouble with writing) and dyscalculia (trouble with numbers, math, and sequencing). School—because it involved reading, writing, math, and memorizing things in sequence (the alphabet, multiplication tables, etc.)—was a nightmare for him but the happy ending that will resonate will all listeners of the Parent Footprint podcast with Dr. Dan is that not only did Don survive school (and growing up) — he thrived! 


Today, Don Winn is an author, speaker, blogger and advocate who shares helpful information so that parents and educators can help their dyslexic children and students to understand the condition and guide kids with patience, optimism, and perseverance.  


On this episode, Dr. Dan and Don talk about many important subjects including:

  1.   Don’s dyslexia journey as a child and as an adult  
  2.   The importance of parents understanding dyslexia and what it means for their child
  3.   Dyslexic strengths
  4.   What happens when children, teens, adults accept their dyslexia challenges?  
  5.   The importance of parents examining what worked/ didn’t work for them in their own childhood
  6.   Don Winn’s Parent Footprint Moment


Don Winn’s forthcoming non-fiction book, Raising a Child with Dyslexia: What Every Parent Needs To Know, addresses all aspects of dyslexia, including social and emotional learning. Using current, cutting edge research, this user-friendly guide for parents and educators will help prepare their child to be a reader from infancy. These tools and techniques are proven to help all children, not just those with dyslexia.  Don is also the author of the award-winning four-book Sir Kaye the Boy Knight series of chapter books for middle readers and of thirteen picture books for young readers and his articles about dyslexia and reading have appeared on TODAY Parenting, Fostering Families Today and MD Monthly, among many others.

For more information about Don Winn visit: https://donwinn.blog/about-childrens-author-don-m-winn/.


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