Making Social and Emotional Learning Stick with Elizabeth Sautter – Episode #104

Making Social and Emotional Learning Stick with Elizabeth Sautter - Episode #104


Dr. Dan welcomes back colleague, speech-language pathologist, author, and parenting expert Elizabeth Sautter for her second interview on the Parent Footprint podcast.  Dr. Dan and Elizabeth discuss her current work, her new course and her new book MAKE SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL LEARNING STICK! – Practical Activities to Help Your Child Manage Emotions, Navigate Social Situations & Reduce Anxiety.

Elizabeth’s passion is to help children thrive socially and emotionally—without either kids or parents getting frustrated or overwhelmed. As a parent, she shares how she is also navigating challenges with her own children and her honesty will resonate with listeners.

The Mom’s Choice Award winner, Make Social and Emotional Learning Stick! shows families how to manage their child’s emotions, increase positive behavior and social skills, reduce anxiety, and much more. Both the book and the related new course feature the *WISE model and the make social learning **STICK model.

  • The WISE model-which stands for W-wisdom (knowing what is going on with your child with their strengths and areas of challenges) I-Intentional-being intentional with the support that you provide and being purposeful with parenting S-Self care/compassion and E-Every day strategies.  This could lead into the daily teachable moments.
  • How to make social learning STICK: S-see, T-Think, I-Interprete, C-Connect, K-Know

In this encore episode, Dr. Dan and Elizabeth explain how our children learn the most from US, their parents and caregivers.  They are always watching and observing and as parents we can find teachable moments to help our children deal with anxiety, to build social skills, to master emotional regulation, to learn empathy, and to build resilience. 

Elizabeth’s wise Parent Footprint moment wraps up this wonderful, educational episode.

Elizabeth A. Sautter, MA, CCC is a licensed and certified Speech-Language Pathologist who has been working with clients and their families since 1996. She has worked with individuals ranging from preschoolers to adults in private practice, schools, and hospitals. Elizabeth has particular expertise in the areas of social communication, self-regulation, and executive functioning. She was the Clinical Director for the CW Center for 10 years and she has extensive training in Social Thinking and has completed a mentorship and internship with Michelle Garcia Winner, Stephanie Madrigal, and Pamela Crooke. She has also been trained by Mindful Schools and she is a collaborative Zones of Regulation® trainer and has co-authored articles and materials related to the Zones curriculum.

Elizabeth is the author of Make Social and Emotional Learning Stick! Practical Activities to Help Your Child Manage Emotions, Navigate Social Situations and Reduce Anxiety.  2nd Edition and co-authored two popular children’s books with Kristen Willson: Whole Body Listening Larry at Home  and Whole Body Listening Larry at School. In her blog Make Social Learning Stick, she shares her own parenting and life experiences raising two boys, one with learning and attentional differences. 

Elizabeth is a member of American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), and is actively involved with the California Speech-Language-Hearing Association (CSHA). Elizabeth received her master’s degree in Communicative Sciences and Disorders from San Jose State University. Her relationships with her sons, her sister, and extended family members with special needs have made her work a lifelong endeavor.

For more information about Elizabeth, her work, and the new book please visit: https://www.makesociallearningstick.com/ 


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