Everybody Loves Grace with Katy McQuaid

Everybody Loves Grace with Katy McQuaid

Episode 64 Katy McQuaid

Dr. Dan welcomes the incredibly inspiring author and leadership consultant Katy McQuaid to the Parent Footprint podcast today. Katy McQuaid spent more than three decades in the CIA, including 12 years living abroad. Her work in communities all over the world and the endearing, unconditional love of her four-legged muse Grace inspired her to write the “Everybody Loves Grace” series of illustrated books. Parents, kids of all ages, executives, and organizational leaders hail the series as a beacon of hope and inspiration for anyone navigating change or challenging circumstances.  

Through her children’s book series, Katy introduces us to Grace, her loving, wise, and fluffy Finnish Lapphund who is the central character in this illustrated children’s book series aimed at giving kids hope and courage as they face life’s many challenges. The series “Everybody Loves Grace,”  and the newest book – “Everybody Loves Grace: An Amazing True Story of Grace’s Adventure to the Grand Canyon” is out now.  Through Grace (the character and the real dog), Katy teaches us life lessons including:

  1. Uncertainty can be wonderful.
  2. Simple acts of kindness really make a difference.
  3. If you make direct eye contact and you will really connect.
  4. Every day is an adventure!

Dr. Dan and Katy discuss many relatable topics in today’s episode and they offer advice listeners can start to implement today.  This interview will change the way every family sees the world and lives in it — all thanks to Grace.

More about Katy:

Katy is the founder of McQuaid Corporate Performance, LLC and a graduate of Penn State University where she attended on a full scholarship, lettered all four years as a swimmer, and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in finance. She is also a graduate of the Vanguard Executive Development Program at Duke University, the Pinnacle Executive Leader Program at Kellogg’s School of Management, and is currently finalizing her studies to become a certified trainer for Conscious Transformation. Katy’s goal is to support people and organizations in experiencing successful, meaningful, and empowered transformations.

Katy was the first female Senior Executive in the CIA’s Logistics Career Service as well as the first Senior Executive Support Officer in the South Asia War Theater (and the first and only female to date in the position). She also held a key Support Officer position during the transition of US intelligence activities from one city to another in one of the largest European offices. Katy served as an Elder at Pathways Church in Denver, Colorado and currently serves as Chair of the Dorcas Aid America Board of Directors. Learn more at www.EverybodyLovesGrace.com.

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