From Surviving to Thriving: Finding your Child’s Sweet Spot at School, Home and in Life with Larry Davis

Dr. Dan welcomes his inspiring friend, collaborator, and colleague Larry Davis.   Dr. Dan and Larry believe in the foundation of love and understanding to helping children learn and thrive.  Larry Davis (http://www.specialeducationadvocacy.org/ ) is an educational consultant, advocate, author, trainer and award winning educator.  His nationally recognized practice helps families find balance and the “sweet spot” for their children.  He has collaborated with Dr. Dan Peters on many projects and is the author of Love, Understanding, and Other Best Practices as well as his most recent book Insider’s Guide to Special Education Advocacy.  Larry’s work is rooted in his life’s passion:  working with children – from being a teacher and a principal – to eventually starting his own consultant practice specializing in advocating for special needs children and their families.  Larry’s work is based on his intuitive and insightful expertise on connecting with children and using the connection to communicate with educators and therapists.   Larry’s clients consistently remark the he has a gift of  “understanding our child and hearing parents.” Larry’s out of the box thinking and his contagious energy enlightens listeners about the power of trust and fully celebrates that all children are remarkable. Larry and Dan wrap-up the show with Larry’s intense Parent Footprint moment about his son’s trip to Turkey and how his ability to trust his son resulted in a learning experience that was life-changing for both father and his son.

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