Generosity with Judy Hoberman

Generosity with Judy Hoberman

Dr. Dan welcomes author-expert-TedX speaker-gender expert-radio host-entrepreneur and parent Judy Hoberman to today’s show to talk about Generosity – what it is, how to spread it, and why when you give your time to others in your work life and home life you become an ambassador for good living.

Judy’s passion for mentoring and paying it forward started when she found she was one of the only women working in insurance among a sea of male coworkers.  She wanted her work in sales to give back in a meaningful way and this transformed her life.  Judy defines Generosity as this: learning how to help others in big and small ways by giving your time to others. This intention became her work’s mission: in 2007 she committed to helping one woman every single day and now she has founded the Walking on the Glass Floor Foundation to help young women in business by partnering with businesses and offering scholarships and resources.

In addition to speaking engagements as a gender expert, Judy Hoberman also lectures about how her list of seven essential leadership and work skills can have a positive impact on our personal lives and family — especially when we model kindness as we are raising our children.

The core advice Judy talks to Dr. Dan about today is this:  be a positive role model and lead by example — be good regardless of who is watching.  (Of course this philosophy is also part of the Parent Footprint mission.)  Today’s discussion also tackles topics of time, work-life balance, and resilience.

Judy wraps up the show with a heartfelt discussion about her TedX talk on pre-judging others and a surprising Parent Footprint moment about her journey as a single Mom.

When you give your time and yourself to others it shapes you and in turn lets you live life as a good and kind person.  Dr. Dan and Judy’s lively conversation will inspire listeners to do more, be better, and give generously.

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