Transforming Power Struggles Through Play with Abigail Wald and Elle Kwan from Hand in Hand Parenting

Dr. Dan welcomes two guests today Abigail Wald (from Los Angeles) and Elle Kwan (from Hong Kong) from the international global nonprofit organization Hand in Hand Parenting (The two are the hosts of the Hand in Hand podcast).  

The Hand in Hand philosophy is fueled by compassion, connection, and kindness — all based on the foundational belief that your child is good, the parent is good, and with love you can foster success from within for any child.   Hand in Hand sets parents up to value that they are the very best expert on their own family.  (One way this is emphasized is that Hand in Hand helps and supports PARENTS first.)

In this milestone episode Dr. Dan converses with Abigail and Elle about “behavior chasing” and how turning parenting methods upside can be the change your family needs.  The show is filled with anecdotes, intimate moments, and in depth discussions about how all families are connected regardless of culture or geography by the universal goal of raising resilient kids, and how important it is for parents to make their child feel safe.  In addition listeners will hear:

  • how to listen to yourself and your child (and why really hearing your child makes all the difference)
  • how to see and tap into your child’s inherent goodness
  • how to help your children find their own resilience and grit
  • the neuroscience behind the Hand in Hand philosophy and method
  • how to set effectively deal with tough situations — especially power struggles
  • how to get yourself the support YOU need as a parent

The show ends with both Abigail and Elle sharing their own moving Parent Footprint Moments.

This milestone 30th episode will be one listeners return to again and again.

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