How to Help Girls Move Beyond Impossible Standards with Rachel Simmons

How to Help Girls Move Beyond Impossible Standards with Rachel Simmons

Enough As She Is: How to Help Girls Move Beyond Impossible Standards of Success to Live Healthy, Happy, and Fulfilling Lives with Rachel Simmons (Episode #39)

Dr. Dan welcome bestselling author, expert, changemaker, and media favorite Rachel Simmons to discuss  her new book ENOUGH AS SHE IS and her crucial helping parents, educators, and communities to support our girls.

Dr. Dan and Rachel address ambition, anxiety, wellness, and the pressure on our girls (and boys) today.  They also discuss social media pressure, fear of missing out, and communicating with your teenage daughter.

Other topics in today’s episode (and in Rachel’s bestselling books and work) include:

Enough As She Is — Girls have never been more successful, yet they’ve also never struggled more with anxiety, stress and depression.

Girls’ Love-Hate Relationship With Social Media & How to Parent Through It — Why do girls say they don’t exist if they’re not online, yet at the same time feel they have no choice?

Five Skills Every Confident Girl Needs — Confidence doesn’t just happen in girls. It is built.

Fat Talk and Body Image — The compulsion for young girls to discuss their bodies negatively.

Perfectionism — Effortless perfectionism is adding even more pressure to our children’s lives.

Parents and Authenticity — Parents can only connect deeply with their parents if Mom and Dad own their own baggage and their mistakes.

Model Self-Compassion — Showing your children you can be kind to yourself; children are watching your every move all the time.

For Rachel’s Parent Footprint Moment, she reflects on her own experiences with her daughter’s unconditional love for her and it is that love that gave Rachel new access to self-love.


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