Empower your Child in the Water (and in Life) with Michelle Lang

Empower your Child in the Water (and in Life) with Michelle Lang


Episode 62 Michelle Lang

Just in time for summer, Dr. Dan interviews Michelle Lang (swim instructor to the stars and so much more!) about swimming, water safety, empowered living, and much more in this timely interview.

Did you know drowning is the number one cause of accidental death for kids ages 1-4?

Did you also know drowning is — in most cases — totally preventable?

Michelle Lang, author of the new book A MERMAID’S GUIDE: Empower Your Child in Water and in Life, tells Dr. Dan and the Parent Footprint podcast listeners how to keep children safe this summer (and anytime kids are around water).  Dr. Dan and Michelle discuss the Relaxation Based Swimming Method, the three phases of swimming, how to be a better swimmer at any age, Michelle’s Golden Rules, and the lessons swimming can teach us all about life and success.

Michelle travels the globe teaching kids how to swim and has given over 10,000 swim lessons (including lessons to Kim Kardashian’s children as well as Simon Cowell’s and Sarah Michelle Geller’s!). Her tips and calm approach to swimming will allow all families to enjoy a summer without anxiety and fear about drowning.

There are so many life lessons from today’s interview (useful both inside and outside of the water) listeners will take away many lessons from today’s show about topics ranging from water safety, anxiety, empowerment, courage, awareness, to how to “Be The Buddha” in your life!  The show ends with Michelle’s wonderful and inspiring Parent Footprint Moment.

Author Michelle Lang is a modern spiritualist, certified Reiki practitioner, black belt martial artist and childhood swim prodigy. Michelle is a thought leader when it comes to keeping your sanity while giving your child the tools they need to achieve greatness. Her work goes beyond the pool!  Michelle graduated from Northwestern University before moving to Los Angeles. She used her prestigious education, training from the American Red Cross, and experience teaching over ten thousand swim lessons to create her highly effective and revolutionary method, RELAXATION BASED SWIMMING. Michelle works with Hollywood’s biggest celebrities and travels internationally teaching lessons and educating parents about what they can do to help their child succeed, both in water and in life. Michelle’s husband, Ian Nelms, is a critically acclaimed filmmaker and co-creator of Relaxation Based Swimming. Michelle and Ian live with their two children in Los Angeles. For more information go to:  www.RelaxationBasedLifestyle.com.


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