How Parents Can Talk To Their Children About Divorce with Jacqueline Newman – Episode #85


Dr. Dan interviews lawyer, divorce expert, and author Jacqueline Newman about her new book THE NEW RULES OF DIVORCE: 12 Secrets to Protecting Your Wealth, Health, and Happiness.

Jacqueline Newman is the managing partner at the matrimonial law firm Berkman Bottger Newman & Schein LLP in New York City. Jacqueline has appeared as an expert commentator on various television and radio shows and an expert on  NBC News, ABC News, CBS News, The New York Times, Fox Business, Woman’s Day, Glamour, the New York Post, Reuters.com, Crain’s New York Business, U.S. News and World Report, Business Insider, Time.com, USA Today, Yahoo Parenting, Woman’s Day, CNBC.com and The Huffington Post. 

Newman’s book THE NEW RULES OF DIVORCE: 12 Secrets to Protecting Your Wealth, Health, and Happiness, was recognized by Oprah Magazine as one of  “the best divorce books to help you heal during every stage of the process.”  Today, with the pandemic, it is predicted that divorce in the US will be going through an unprecedented and historic transformation according to Jacqueline.

Marriages on a brink of breaking up are usually pushed over to the side of divorce when extenuating circumstances take over…some marriages will grow stronger and others will unravel. How will COVID-19 impact divorce?  According to Jacqueline, everything from child custody hearings to how legal papers are filed to ending marriages is going to change. The first statistic that we are likely to observe is the divorce rate increasing in the US as a result of stress, financial strain, and other challenges exaggerated during the pandemic.  For example, when one parent feels their ex-spouse is putting their children at risk by not adhering to shelter-in-place mandates or refusing to practice social distancing — this will be a new challenge that could potentially change custody. 

Dr. Dan and Jacqueline discuss modern divorce including:

  • The roles of Dads requesting shared and equal custody
  • The importance of self-care for both parents during the stress of divorce
  • Why both parents need to keep their marriage’s intimacy problems away from children — even adult children
  • There really are some benefits of divorce for children 
  • How to talk to kids about divorce

Jacqueline’s Parent Footprint Moment is about honesty and transparency — and demonstrates how telling the truth about our mistakes (and owning them) is one of the most important lessons for our children.

For more information visit: https://nycdivorcelawyer.com/.

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