College Student Health with Dr. Jill Grimes – Episode #99

College Student Health with Dr. Jill Grimes - Episode #99


Parent Footprint podcast host Dr. Dan Peters welcomes Dr. Jill Grimes to today’s episode.  Dr. Grimes is the author of the new book, The Ultimate College Student Health Handbook: Your Guide for Everything from Hangovers to Homesickness and she offers valuable advice first, to students and second,to parents in this new episode.

Jill Grimes, MD, FAAFP, is a nationally recognized medical media expert, award-winning author, medical editor, and Board-Certified Family Physician. Her passion is prevention, and her message spans print (Parenting Magazine, Glamour, etc.), online (Livestrong.com), television and radio talk shows (Sirius XM Doctor Radio). After two decades of private practice, Dr. Grimes now enjoys seeing patients at the University of Texas at Austin. She is a proud mom to two awesome collegiate daughters. Academically, Dr. Grimes enjoys educating health care professionals by speaking at national AAFP, Pri-Med®, and Harvard Medical School conferences, and remains on clinical faculty at UMASS Medical School.

Dr. Grimes’s book The Ultimate College Student Health Handbook serves as a guide to what students really want (or need) to know about their mental and physical health when they’re away from home. The book covers topics such as: living in the close quarters of dormitories, feeling homesick, experiencing test anxiety, managing the stomach flu, and even how to nurse a hangover. 

Dr. Dan and Dr. Jill discuss topics such as:

  • The most essential topics college students need for autonomy (injuries, illness, anxieties) 
  • COVID-19 precautions, scares, symptoms and more
  • Tips for handling test anxiety (even virtual tests can bring a lot of anxiety with them)
  • Items to pack in a first aid kit for college 
  • Drinking, smoking/vaping, sex and more
  • How can college students protect themselves from COVID-19 at school?
  • And practical advice (immunization records, student id cards, and more) 

Dr. Grimes believes that armed with quality information students will know when to seek medical help, how to describe their condition, what questions to ask, and what dorm-friendly tips and tricks might help before they are seen. The book is organized literally from head to toe and goes far beyond “Dr. Google” to provide the knowledge of evidence-based medicine every college student should know. 

This informative episode wraps up with Dr. Grimes telling listeners about two Parent Footprint moments about her own parents that changed her.

For more information about Dr. Grimes and her books go to:  https://jillgrimesmd.com/.

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