Sisters, Parenting, Happiness and More with KJ Dell’Antonia – Episode #92

Sisters, Parenting, Happiness and More with KJ Dell’Antonia - Episode #92


Dr. Dan welcomes esteemed author and journalist KJ Dell’Antonia to the podcast to discuss her parenting, her writing career and her newest book, a debut novel THE CHICKEN SISTERS and how to find happiness in everyday parenting experiences. 

KJ is also the author HOW TO BE A HAPPIER PARENT and the writer of the viral New York Times parenting essay “Why I Didn’t Answer Your Email.”   KJ Dell’Antonia is also the former editor of the NYTimes’ Motherlode blog and a co-host of the #AmWriting podcast.

Through her writing, KJ focuses on the societal, policy and personal factors that make finding family happiness is more relevant today than ever before. Weaving together KJ’s writing career with Dr. Dan’s expertise, KJ and Dr. Dan discuss many parenting topics in this episode including:

  • The four things that happy parents do well and how you can do them, too
  • How important it is to change your “parenting narrative” so that you can improve your family’s happiness
  • How to put sports and activities in their proper place so these things fit around your family and adult lives, and not the other way around
  • How to structure your time in the kitchen so that it can become a happiness ritual for you and your kids
  • Finding that balance between the big dreams and the day to day joys, and making choices that make us happy
  • KJ’s new novel

Episode 92 wraps up with KJ’s Parent Footprint moment where she explains how a broken leg helped her learn one of her biggest parenting lessons.

For more information visit: https://kjdellantonia.com/

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