Make Social Learning Stick with Elizabeth Sautter

Make Social Learning Stick with Elizabeth Sautter

Dr. Dan interviews Elizabeth Sautter co-director/owner of Communication Works (http://www.cwtherapy.com) and a licensed and certified speech-language pathologist.  Elizabeth is the author of Make Social Learning Stick (http://makesociallearningstick.com) who works with children and families to help them manage emotions and communicate effectively. These skills are critical for children and parents to live a satisfying life –  skills needed for building meaningful relationships, working in groups, succeeding in school, living independently, and holding a job.  In this debut episode of the podcast parents learn about Social Regulation (the combination of self-regulation and social communication), when to seek help from a professional, and what parents can do tonight at the dinner table.  Our first episode wraps up with Elizabeth talking about her family’s struggle with ADHD, and her own very personal Parent Footprint moment about self-care.

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