Mel Schwartz and The Possibility Principle

Mel Schwartz and The Possibility Principle

Dr. Dan welcomes Mel Schwartz to the Parent Footprint Podcast. This exciting episode is about the incredible work of psychotherapist Mel Schwartz and his new book THE POSSIBILITY PRINCIPLE. Mel’s groundbreaking philosophy about reality and quantum physics will make readers think and embark on self-examination journeys. This episode challenges readers to answer the question that Mel has been asking his clients for over 20 years: How would you like to experience your life?

Dr. Dan and Mel Schwartz discuss how THE POSSIBILITY PRINCIPLE offers a revolutionary approach to how we can live the life we choose — free from the wounds of our past and the constraints of our ingrained beliefs and thoughts. It’s a blueprint for how to overcome anxiety and depression and show us how we can thrive in our relationships and develop authentic self-esteem.  And it is this groundbreaking philosophy that parents can learn to model and teach their children. By answering Mel’s simple question, we can all begin to believe that our goals and desires are attainable.  By embracing uncertainty (and making the unknown our ally) we embrace the flow of life – and what better lesson to teach our children and families?  When we show our children who we are and when we live in an authentic way we show our own true self to our children and we genuinely reach them.

Listeners will hear how and why mastering our own thoughts – and teaching our children to master their thoughts –ultimately means we can truly become the master of our own life.  

Mel’s Parent Footprint moment is rich advice and is all about children seeking their own potential. When his son came home with a less than perfect report card and as a Dad he reacted in way that was critical and caused his son to share this poignant third grade wisdom: let me be a kid Dad! And his son was right.  

Mel Schwartz wants us to share our life story with our children: our successes, failures, vulnerability, and triumphs – all of our whole actual life with them.  

Mel Schwartz, LCSW, MPhil, is a psychotherapist and marriage counselor in private practice in Westport, CT and Manhattan for over 20 years. He is an emerging voice in the field of personal transformation and is one of the first practicing psychotherapists to integrate the principles of quantum physics into a psychotherapeutic approach. He earned his graduate degree from Columbia University.  

Mel is the author of The Art of Intimacy, The Pleasure of Passion, and he blogs for Psychology Today. He has written over 100 articles, read by more than 1.5 million people. 

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