No More Mean Girls with Katie Hurley

No More Mean Girls with Katie Hurley

Dr. Dan welcomes psychotherapist Katie Hurley LCSW to the podcast today for a provocative discussion of the mean girl culture,  how we can raise strong girls, and the release of her book NO MORE MEAN GIRLS, now available in paperback. 

Dr. Dan and Katie start the show tackling the topics of anxiety and depression and go on to discuss mean girls, bullying, and advice for parents on how to help their young daughters navigate tricky territories such as friendship building, creating an authentic self, standing up for themselves and others, and expressing themselves in a healthy way.  In addition, Dr. Dan and Katie focus on the importance of how parents can model good behavior on social media (and digital habits), the power of the LIKE button, “fear of missing out” and more ways Parent Footprint is working to building a more compassionate, happy, and healthy world.

Katie answers questions including:

  1. Why did you write NO MORE MEAN GIRLS?
  2. What is mean behavior vs. bullying?
  3. How does social media impact our kids’ behavior and happiness?
  4.         What age should parents monitor hurtful peer behavior?
  5. Why should children use “I feel” statements and scripts?
  6.  How can today’s children and teens conquer peer pressure?

At the end of the show Katie gives listeners the one piece of advice all parents need to conquer mean friends and then shares a terrific Parent Footprint moment story to beautifully wrap-up this must-listen to episode.

is a child and adolescent psychotherapist, parenting expert, and writer. She is the founder of “Girls Can!” empowerment groups for girls between ages 5-11 and  is the author of No More Mean Girls, The Happy Kid Handbook, and her work can be found in The Washington Post, PBS Parents, and US News and World Report, among other places. She practices psychotherapy in the South Bay area of Los Angeles and earned her BA in psychology and women’s studies from Boston College and her MSW from the University of Pennsylvania.

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