Parenting is Hard; Suffering is Optional with Kimberlee Anne King

Parenting is Hard; Suffering is Optional with Kimberlee Anne King

Dr. Dan is very excited about today’s episode with guest Kimberlee Anne King because the focus is on many of the core values of Parent Footprint.  The two discuss Kimberlee’s work with parents and families, her book and how she is revolutionizing modern parenting by telling parents to work on their own issues first and then their parenting will not only improve — it will soar!

Kimberlee Anne King is a parent of four, stepparent of three, author, co-founder of Inspired Attention Inc., educational consultant, speaker, mentor, and parent coach.   Her first-hand parenting experience over the last 20 years has given her a unique perspective on how to overcome the challenges and frustrations of parenting whether the children are gifted, challenged, or neurotypical.

In her book, Parenting is Hard; Suffering is Optional: A Handbook for Parents on the Brink, she gives the reader a peek into her own humorous and heart-wrenching and very personal journey as she discovered the key to becoming a better parent: Work on yourself and your children will follow. We cannot fix our children or eliminate chaos in life. We can, however, work on becoming the best version of ourselves, learning along the way to experience joy despite our circumstances. Suffering is truly optional.

Kimberlee Anne and Dr. Dan discuss many compelling topics in today’s podcast, including how to be happy despite chaos, judgement (don’t do it!), gratitude, radical self-acceptance, ego, present parenting, self-improvement, perfectionism, cutting the proverbial umbilical cord (especially if our kids have challenges) and so much more.

Intensely positive, Kimberlee shares the wisdom that suffering really is optional – you DO have a choice.  And she shares the ONE thing she always recommends to parents: dig into your own self and examine what work you can do on you and your own issues. When we as parents grow, when we shift into the positive, so will our children.

The episode wraps up with Dr. Dan’s Parent Footprint Moment question. Since Kimberlee’s book (and life!) are full of Parent Footprint moments her answer will really stir listeners deeply:  how the decision to give herself the gift of radical self-care early in her own parenting journey transformed her parenting forever because of one simple sentence her son said.

Kimberlee has also lectured at universities, public and private schools, parent groups, and conferences; and she is a PhD candidate in Complementary, Alternative, and Integrative Medical Therapies.  More information is on her website and her blog.

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