Rethinking Discipline with Tina Payne Bryson

Rethinking Discipline with Tina Payne Bryson

Dr. Dan is joined by Dr. Tina Payne Bryson to discuss her pioneering and revolutionary work in the area of brain-based parenting. Dr. Tina Bryson is the co-author with Dr. Daniel Siegel of two New York Times bestsellers (The Whole Brain Child; No Drama Discipline) and is Executive Director of the Center for Connection in Pasadena. In 2000 Dr. Bryson was a new mother, immersed in studying the brain and simultaneously working on her Ph.D. with Dr. Daniel Siegel.  Her work and real life learning reached new heights when she applied practical findings with her own child (and other parents) and out of this work she eventually wrote The Whole Brain Child and changed how millions of parents approach their child’s behavior.

Dr. Bryson challenges today’s current trends in parenting – especially discipline – by exploring the mind behind the behaviors in children instead of just focusing on the behavior. Listeners to this episode will be enlightened by Dr. Bryson’s basic discussion of the brain and nervous system and discover that a child’s behavior can change over time. And her explanation of the differences between discipline and punishment leads every listener to a profound on-air “aha” moment – and a teachable lesson and take-away every parent will want to immediately put into action.

In addition to lecturing internationally and working with private patients, Dr. Bryson also helps parents, schools, educators and the research community to learn best practices of brain based parenting and ways to transform parenting, discipline, and learning. Dr. Dan wraps up this episode by asking Tina the one thing all parents need to do today to revolutionize their own parenting right now and ends with Tina’s intimate Parent Footprint Moment about how she had to let go of her own fear and her own need to fix things in order to become a present parent.

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