Secrets of Simplicity and Living Better with Mary Carlomagno

Secrets of Simplicity and Living Better with Mary Carlomagno
Dr. Dan welcomes Oprah Winfrey favorite, author, entrepreneur and parent Mary Carlomagno to this episode.  Today’s interview will delight listeners because it is all about chasing your dreams, living in experiences (as opposed to buying materialistic things) and being present.


Mary has a fresh approach to navigating parenting – she lives by the motto dream big (“Leap and the net will appear!”) and live fully (but with balance and passion)!  Just like in her organizing business, Mary teaches the daily practice of modeling behavior for and with her own family.  Her deliberate ways of parenting will open up how listeners think about their own parenting.  Dr. Dan agrees with Mary that modeling our best selves for our children is the most important thing we can do for our kids – and ourselves.  Dr. Dan frames their lively conversation by talking about Parent Footprint’s main core value:  when we are aware of our own goals and our own visions then we are successfully living in the moment and leaving the best footprints for our children to follow.


Mary lives with purpose and passion – from her journey to live more simply with less to her deeper philosophy about rituals and good habits to her current dream of releasing her first novel  — BEST FRIEND FOR HIRE — which will be published on June 20, 2017.


Mary’s Parent Footprint moment relates back to her own lifelong love of books and reading.  She poignantly describes one day this passion came full circle with her own children when she visited her son’s classroom as a mystery reader and for the first time he saw her not just as Mom but as a whole, happy, fulfilled person and a role model.


About Mary: As the founder and owner of Order, Mary Carlomagno lives by a philosophy that is simple and can applied to all parts of our lives — do not let clutter control your life. Her books include Give It Up! My Year of Learning to Live Better with Less (HarperCollins), Secrets of Simplicity (Chronicle Books), and Live More, Want Less (Storey Publishing).


Mary has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, the Today Show, Fox and Friends, CBS News and Good Housekeeping TV. She has been interviewed on National Public Radio, the Joan Hamburg Show, Martha Stewart Living and has been featured in Real Simple, Woman’s Day, Newsday and the New York Daily News. Mary writes frequently on the subject of getting organized for magazines and newspapers including the Washington Post, the Philadelphia Inquirer.  For more information visit www.marycarlomagno.com.
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