Sexual Literacy with Natasha Singh

Sexual Literacy with Natasha Singh

Episode 46

Dr. Dan interviews educator and expert Natasha Singh about a timely and important topic: Sexual Literacy. As founder of SexLitEd (Sexual Literacy Educator, www.sexlited.com) Natasha explains that while parents are the primary teachers about life that schools and society (including pop culture and social media) often are the main teachers for our children about gender, race, sexuality, and power. Natasha helps families, educators and children everywhere achieve sexual literacy — a concept that is more important than ever as we raise our children to become happy and healthy adults in a complex world.

Natasha Singh is a writer and sexual literacy educator who regularly teaches about consent, sexual ethics, effective communication, healthy relationships, the difference between porn and sex, undoing gender-role training, learning mindful masculinity and more. She partners with parents, teachers, and schools to create programing and curriculum that is responsive to student needs and helps families, too. She is a respected expert and a popular workshop educator.

Today’s interview touches on many topics including: meaningful sexuality education for students; how parents, teens and pre-teens can have open lines of communication about gender, sex, and intimacy; and her goal for all students to have healthy relationships, clear communication, sexual ethics and joy in their relationships with themselves and others. Natasha explains that parents can start building a foundation even with small children, talking about bodily autonomy and other age-appropriate subjects.

The episode wraps up with Natasha’s Parent Footprint Moment. Today’s show offers powerful and useful advice for all parents.

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