Coronavirus Special:  Parenting with Resilience in Unsettling Times – Episode #82

Coronavirus Special:  Parenting with Resilience in Unsettling Times - Episode #82


Today Dr. Dan hosts his first-ever special episode to address the situation surrounding the coronavirus and how it is impacting parents and families.

Based on Dr. Dan’s essential reading Psychology Today post Parenting with Resilience in Unsettling Times: It Starts with Us, Dr. Dan offers actionable advice for all families during this challenging time.  Listeners can use these suggestions today to help calm anxious children, to limit teen social media use, and many other challenges. 

In this episode, Dr. Dan leads listeners through the steps for building inner strength right now in this moment including self-awareness, acceptance, self-care, and staying present.   In addition, Dr. Dan welcomes long-time Parent Footprint Podcast producer Laura Rossi to the episode to lead an informative Question and Answer session featuring listeners’ parenting questions about COVID-19.

The episode wraps up with Dr. Dan’s poignant Parent Footprint Moment and Dr. Dan’s trademark hope, comfort, and wisdom. 

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