The Dyslexic Advantage with Dr. Fernette Eide

The Dyslexic Advantage with Dr. Fernette Eide

Dr. Dan tackles a personal topic on today’s episode: Dyslexia. Dyslexia has personally touched Dr. Dan and his family and today he explores the diagnosis with the premiere expert on dyslexia and learning differences. In this interview with Dr. Fernette Eide (co-author of The Dyslexic Advantage and The Mislabeled Child) and founder (with her husband Dr. Brock Eide) of the nonprofit Dyslexic Advantage (http://www.dyslexicadvantage.org/ ),  Dr. Dan gives listeners access to the most important information about dyslexia and learning differences. Dr. Fernette’s incredible work, along with her husband Dr. Brock, through Dyslexic Advantage along with her passion for helping children and families is changing the paradigm of how people see dyslexia every day.  By focusing on the tremendous strengths, Dyslexic Advantage has shaped a positive identity for children with dyslexia and created a compassionate, thriving, dynamic and informed community.

Listeners will learn about early signs of dyslexia, new approaches including diverse learning techniques, why it’s a great time to have dyslexia right now (according to Dr. Fernette!) along with some fun trivia about successful dyslexics and the seven wonders of the world! In this episode Dr. Fernette explores definitions of dyslexia, the history of the diagnosis, how to empower parents and ways to show kids how they can maximize their potential.  She offers advice about testing your child for dyslexia, finding out how to navigate school subjects based on strengths, and why it’s important to trust your instincts as a parent. The episode wraps up with Dr. Fernette’s own eye opening Parent Footprint Moment years ago in a Mommy & Me class and how it opened her mind to how best to raise her first child.

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