The Gift of Maybe with Allison Carmen

The Gift of Maybe with Allison Carmen

Dr. Dan welcomes life coach, business consultant, attorney, bestselling author and parent, Allison Carmen  as his guest today.  Allison is inspiring and wise and she has developed the simple life philosophy of “Maybe” to help people deal with uncertainty. Her book The Gift of Maybe has changed countless lives — parents, adults, families, and of course her own. Allison has successfully applied the philosophy to help her clients, who range from entrepreneurs and owners of multi-million dollar companies to artists, actors, writers, fashion designers, attorneys, health care workers, parents, nannies and the homeless. Allison has witnessed hundreds of people, regardless of present circumstances, who had the courage to step into the realm of Maybe improve their lives. Her conversation today with Dr. Dan will open your mind and change your life.

Why is Allison’s philosophy of Maybe so effective for parents?  Allison tells Dr. Dan the answer is that it gives us HOPE and offers us possibility.  Dr. Dan and Allison talk about how our need for certainty can cause us stress, create fear-based parenting and keeps us up at night. With Allison’s contagious concept of MAYBE we can all realize that there may be a way out of a situation, or a way forward, or just another way for us to exist right now in this moment.  The unknown does not have to create fear but rather create possibility.  Maybe is just one word and a small shift and change of perspective, but it’s one that changes everything.

The show wraps up with one of most profound Parent Footprint moments when Allison talks about her own family and “not knowing” as a parent and then she finds strength, hope and possibility in MAYBE.  Dr. Dan wraps up the interview by telling us all that Allison’s daily practice of MAYBE has the ability to transform a household and an entire family and closes the show by challenging us to all find our MAYBE.

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