The Homework Wars With Greg Pincus

The Homework Wars With Greg Pincus

Dr. Dan welcomes author Greg Pincus to the podcast today to talk about the dreaded topic of homework! Most parents (and students) have experience with “The Homework Wars” and today Greg talks about his experience, his research, and his solutions for how parents can deal with this never-ending battle.

Greg Pincus is a novelist, poet, screenwriter, blogger, speaker, and social media consultant. He and his work have been featured in the New York Times, the Washington Post and blogs and websites all around the globe. His latest novel, The Homework Strike, grew from a childhood fascination with oddball laws sparked by a book he ordered from a Scholastic Book Club flyer — making his own childhood dream come true when Scholastic published the book!

Listeners will love Greg’s anecdotes (especially the one about a long-ago law ruling homework illegal in California!) and the discussion of the novel’s protagonist Gregory.  If you have ever cheered for an underdog or stood up for what is right, then today’s podcast will make you want to grab the book and start reading.

Dr. Dan lets us all know that parents have to do what is right for their own children — including when it involves homework. This life lesson ties in directly to Greg’s very entertaining Parent Footprint moment — one listeners will appreciate and remember whenever they cross a street in the future!

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