Unique Learner Solutions: Discover the Ability in Learning Disability with Suzanne Cresswell

Unique Learner Solutions: Discover the Ability in Learning Disability with Suzanne Cresswell

Dr. Dan welcomes author and occupational and physical therapist Suzanne Cresswell in this informative episode which will benefit both children and adults. Suzanne Cresswell has worked with patients in her clinic and in the school system for over three decades. She blends her background in rehabilitation medicine with principles of neuroplasticity to provide novel and effective intervention strategies. Children and adults with autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Asperger’s, sensory integration disorder, and other learning disabilities all benefit from Suzanne’s unique approach to brain and body wellness.

She starts the interview discussing a favorite Parent Footprint value:  being present. Dr. Dan agrees that this is the first and most powerful step to any intervention.  

When children struggle in school they often feel shame that they are not what they “should” be; not “normal.” In fact, the term learning disability seems to reinforce their belief and suggests that they are unable to learn. Nothing could be further from the truth. They just learn in unique ways. The capabilities and talents of this population are frequently overlooked because their skills and abilities are often not relevant to the requirements of traditional education.

Dr. Dan and Suzanne discuss her new book Unique Learner Solutions because it provides strategies that are targeted to what is really happening in the brains and bodies of unique learners. Knowledge is power, and when you know what is really going on with your child and what you can do to help, it makes a huge difference. This will not only make a difference in their scholastic world, but also in their family life both now and in the future.

Listeners will be fascinated by the neuroscience discussion surrounding brain/emotions, neuropsychology, and yes, LOVE!

The interview also includes intimate moments from Dr. Dan’s family and how Suzanne Creswell’s work proves “just try harder” does not work for every child.  Parents and educators must be detectives to find the real reasons behind learning challenges.  

Unique Learners have systems that are different from typical learners.  They experience the world from a different perspective. And it’s the compassion and true presence that impacted these learners.  In fact, Suzanne shares the anecdote that many children grow up to report that the intention behind the interventions mattered most to them.  Her parting wisdom is kids know — they feel what is behind everything.

The show wraps up with the fan favorite: the Parent Footprint moment.  Suzanne Cresswell ponders her own parents’ parenting styles and that experience later impacted how she parented her own children with presence, purpose, perspective and passion!  She treasures the “two sides of parenting” she gave her children just as she received that gift from her parents.

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