When 20/20 eyesight isn’t enough diagnosing visual challenges in order to reach a child’s potential with Gary L. Etting

In today’s episode of The Parent Footprint Podcast with Dr. Dan Peters we hear from Dr. Gary Etting O.D., F.C.O.V.D. about vision and hearing challenges and how his own personal experience with vision problems as a child inspired his life’s work. http://visualprocessing.com  Dr. Gary L. Etting is a developmental optometrist specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of vision problems that interfere with reading and learning. Board certified in vision development, he just recently celebrated his 41st year providing these specialty services to the public.  By removing “visual roadblocks” with his specialized services Dr. Etting’s team gives children the opportunity to avoid forming bad habits and deal early in life with visual weakness that are treatable.  He truly helps his patients reach their potential.   This interview delves into sight vs. vision and learning disabilities, diagnosis, vision therapy, resources (http://www.visionhelp.com)and so much more.  Finally, Dr. Dan wraps up the discussion of visual abilities with Dr. Etting’s profound Parent Footprint moment about his own parenting moment he shared with his wife about his own son’s journey to finding his passion and pursuing his dreams.   Dr. Etting’s gratitude for this moment will inspire listeners everywhere.

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