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Parent Footprint is the first generation of truly interactive web-based training designed to simulate the experience of sitting down with parenting expert Dr. Dan to explore your parenting beliefs and vision of successful parenting. At Parent Footprint, we have harnessed the power of psychology and technology to deliver customized training content based on your current state of parenting to personalize insights and awareness to enable you to consciously choose your parenting behaviors.

Parent Awareness Training leverages the proven methodologies that successful Silicon Valley technology companies use to systematically move everyone towards their desired vision of successful parenting to reach their own family’s positive potential for a new transformed parenting journey.

Start your parenting experience and do your part to create a more compassionate world with more loving people — one parent and one child at a time. Enroll today!

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You want to be a better

You are struggling with your
role as a parent.

You want your children to
reach their potential.

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