Parent Footprint’s innovative platform is designed to simulate the experience of sitting down with a trained professional to discover a new Vision of Successful Parenting.

We know parenting is a journey, and we’re here to meet you wherever you are on your path.
Our innovative training program is delivered in three interactive segments:

Parent Footprint Awareness Training®

Part 1 is designed to simulate the experience of sitting down with Dr. Dan, the parenting expert, to explore your parenting beliefs.

It takes around 60 minutes to complete Part 1, yet our innovative training is designed for busy parents who may not have the luxury of uninterrupted time. Parent Footprint Awareness training is delivered through 12 personalized videos that are approximately 3-7 minutes each that you can review from any device and from anywhere!

The training videos are yours to watch anytime, and as many times as you want.   Each time you review them, you may feel inspired to select a different response to Dr. Dan’s questions and review new customized insights that are personalized to your current experiences of parenting.

By the time you finish Part 1, you’ll be empowered with an awareness of your unique Parent Footprint and you’ll be armed with the ability to create your own Vision of Successful Parenting and to choose the footprint that you want to pass on to your children and grandchildren.


Moving into Action

This part of our interactive training is designed to move you into action by asking important questions to capture your key insights based on the connections you have made as a result of your experience in sitting down with Dr. Dan to explore your parenting beliefs.

You will get to capture your key insights – in your own words – that will be saved in the Course to help remind you of your Vision of Successful Parenting.


Parenting with Purpose with Dr. Dan

It is challenging to be aware and purposeful parents in all situations, which is why we have included real life examples to demonstrate how Dr. Dan applies Parent Footprint Awareness Training strategies with his own family as well as additional videos to describe Dr. Dan’s Favorite Tools and Concepts that he has been using for over 20 years in his practice with parents and children.

We have also included quotes from the bestselling books by top parenting industry experts that have inspired us to create the Vision of Successful Parenting.

Parent Footprint is for you if…

You want to create your vision
of successful parenting.

You are ready to change the way you
navigate challenges as a parent.

You want your children to reach
their full potential.

What people are saying about Parent Footprint:

“Parent Footprint Awareness training is a provocative and useful tool to both examine how your past plays out in the present and to set forth a purposeful plan to leave a parenting legacy you will be proud of.”

-Debbie B.

“I cannot give enough praise for the ‘Parent Footprint’ program! I felt as though Dr. Dan was right there with me, guiding me through the process. Parent Footprint is helping me to use my own childhood experiences to be a better parent today.”

-Melodie S.

“Parent Footprint’s value far exceeds the costs. It makes sense for any parent that wants a better future for their children – and more healthy relationship with their kids for themselves.”

-Ethan S.

“We cannot expect our kids to experience love and happiness if we cannot
experience that love and happiness for ourselves, so we can share it with them.
That’s why it starts with you.”
-Dr. Dan Peters

Course Features

The course applies the Science of Psychology and harnesses the Power of Technology to provide personalized training based on where you are in your parenting journey.

An experience that simulates sitting down with Dr. Dan, the parenting expert, to explore your parenting beliefs.

Your Parent Awareness Training videos are yours to watch anytime, from any device and from anywhere.

More than 100 minutes of personalized video content that can be reviewed at your own pace with unlimited usage.

Become a better parent: learn how your own footprints can affect your children.
Sign up to take your training today!

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