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What's included in the innovative
Parent Footprint Awareness Training®
Personalized Course Videos

Sit down with Dr. Dan, author, expert, and psychologist, to explore your parenting beliefs in this interactive series of easy-to-understand, 3-5 minute videos—customized so that you receive individualized responses based on your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. The training videos can be watched from any device and as many times as you want. Each time you review, you may feel inspired to select a different response to Dr. Dan’s questions and gain new parenting insights that will help you guide your children - and yourself - to your fullest potential. 

Moving into Action

This part of our interactive training moves you into action by capturing your key insights as a result of your experience in sitting down with Dr. Dan.

You'll incorporate the insights you've gained, in your own words, to remind yourself to be the loving parent you can be.

Parenting with Purpose with Dr. Dan

Dr. Dan offers real-life examples to demonstrate how he applies Parent Footprint Awareness Training® strategies with his own family. We've also included Dr. Dan's favorite tools and concepts that he has been using in his private practice for over 20 years with parents and children.

Lastly, we've included quotes from top parenting experts that have inspired us to develop Parent Footprint Awareness Training® and to help create a more compassionate world with more loving people, one parent and one child at a time.

You will receive more than 100 minutes of insightful, personalized guidance from Dr. Dan for less than 1/4 of the cost of a private session with him.

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Parent Footprint Awareness Training

Parent Footprint's value far exceeds the cost. It makes sense for any parent that wants a better future for their children - and a more healthy relationship with their kids for themselves.

-- Ethan S.
I am so thankful to have found Parent Footprint! I loved that I could go at my own pace. Without feeling pressured, I was able to answer the questions in the comfort of my own home and leave a footprint to be proud of.

-- Michelle M.

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$97 Now $37 (Over 60% Off!)